Robot Invented to Kill Ticks!

tick robot

Engineers at the Virginia Military Institute have developed a robot that is able to lure in and kill ticks! The least successful trial wiped out 75% of ticks on a wildlife preserve trail, while more successful trials were able to wipe out ticks altogether. This is an exciting new way for pest control without spraying harsh and dangerous chemicals. The next they hope to achieve is to market the machine and sell it to companies for commercial use. Read how the machine actually works in the full article here!


Powassan Virus


The Ixodes cookei tick that carries the POWV.

The Powassan virus is a tick-bourne encephalitis virus. It is commonly carried by the tick Ixodes cookei, but could also be carried by Ixodes scapulari. These ticks are mainly found in Northwest America, but can be spread in a wider geographic area. Because it is a virus, the Powassan virus cannot be treated with anitibiotics. Therefore, it is important to prevent tick bites!

The first death related to the Powassan virus occurred back in 2011 and was recorded in Minnesota. This article talks about the symptoms of Powassan encephalitis and other cases that have occurred from this virus.

Please read this article and keep yourself and your family safe and informed!