New Nanotechnology to Detect Lyme Disease!

Researchers from the George Mason’sĀ Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular MedicineĀ (CAPMM) have been able to create a new technology that will be able to have earlier detection of Lyme Disease. This new technology is called a Nanotrap and will be able to reduce the number of false negatives in patients and lead to earlier treatment.

Rearchers along with their business partner Ceres Nanoscience have met up with Local Legislators to discuss the progress of these tests. Legislators and staff from both the Virginia House of Delegates and the U.S. House of Representatives have been pushing bills to bring awareness to patients about the weaknesses of current Lyme Disease testing. They have also pushed for more research and funding for Lyme Disease and have held forums to discuss this debilitating disease.

Clinical trials have begun for the Nanotrap Lyme Test and they are pushing to have this test commercially available by spring 2014.

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